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Charm Holders

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ONE OF A KINDCarabiner Lock | OOAKCarabiner Lock | OOAK
Carabiner Lock | OOAK Sale price$128.00
ONE OF A KINDSold OutDiamond Carabiner Lock | OOAKDiamond Carabiner Lock | OOAK
ONE OF A KINDSmall Heart Carabiner | OOAKSmall Heart Carabiner | OOAK
ONE OF A KINDCharm Clip | OOAKCharm Clip | OOAK
Charm Clip | OOAK Sale price$96.00
ONE OF A KINDCharm Enhancer | OOAKCharm Enhancer | OOAK
Charm Enhancer | OOAK Sale price$98.00
ONE OF A KINDCharm Clip Enhancer | OOAKCharm Clip Enhancer | OOAK